Tha Spa Bahía del Duque Presents the program Spa Pary a new proposal for special celebrations

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The Spa of the Gran Hotel Bahía del Duque (, company owned of the Grupo CIO (, has designed a new proposal for groups under the name “Spa Party”, which aims to offer an alternative to the traditional birthday celebrations, bachelorette parties, etc. The programme “Spa Party” offers the opportunity to enjoy the very unique outdoor Thalassotherapy Circuit of the Spa Bahía del Duque, and which allows you to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of the water extracted directly from the Atlantic Ocean which bathes the coast of the Hotel and which is heated for the use of the Spa.This experience will begin in the Vitality Pool, allowing you to enjoy its relaxing bubbles in the air beds, the cervical jets, swan neck and then a dip in the icy well, whose temperature contrast gives a great feeling of relaxation to the body and mind. Furthermore, the group will be able to enjoy a healthy lunch in the Garden Café of the Spa, where they can choose between two options, a personalized menu designed specifically for the group, or choosing from the “a la carte” menu from this healthy gastronomic corner, which emphasises the use of fresh seasonal produce in all its dishes. 


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