Tasca El Callejón launches its new Website

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Santa Cruz de Tenerife, June 2014 -. The Tasca El Callejón, a company owned by Grupo CIO (www.cio-company.com), one of the most emblematic restaurants in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, has launched its new website (www.tascaelcallejon.com), with a fresh and highly visual look, which highlights the suggestive photos of the culinary delights prepared by Chef Braulio Simancas, who runs the kitchen of this popular restaurant.

The new website will offer a variety of information, such as the updated menu in four different languages, new images, as well as specials,  news related to the restaurant, and direct access to the information published on its social networking sites. 

With the launch of this website, “El Callejón” aims to bring their dishes closer to its customers, offering them the chance to be informed about changes in the menu, specials or suggestions. 


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