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Within the framework of Bahía del Duque’s 25th anniversary celebration, the hotel was the chosen venue for this year’s SER Forum. Organised by Radio Club Tenerife, the event’s objective was to analyse the current situation of the tourism sector.

The meeting took place on Friday in the hotel facilities where entrepreneurs and leading figures from the local, insular and regional tourist sector gathered together to examine the threats, potentials and weak points of this engine that powers the Canarian economy. Holiday rentals, transport and connections were among the relevant issues discussed, in additions to the hotel's trajectory as a pioneering benchmark of luxury tourism in the Canary Islands.

The speakers at the Forum, moderated by Prisa Radio’s regional director Lourdes Santana, included the Deputy Tourism Minister of the Canary Island Government, Cristóbal de la Rosa; the Tenerife Island Government’s Tourism councillor, Alberto Bernabé; the president of the hotel management group in the autonomous region of Tenerife, Jorge Marichal; the resort manager of the Bahía del Duque Hotel, Cristina de Juan; and the president of the Company of the Western Islands (CIO), Francisco Javier Zamorano. They coincided in emphasising Bahía del Duque’s trajectory as a family-owned company dedicated to a model based on excellence with a commitment to the Canarian society as a sign of identity.

The Canary Island Government’s Deputy Tourism Minister emphasised that the Bahía del Duque Hotel is "a differentiated model that has contributed to generating a first-rate demand in the islands by combining sun and beach with luxury and quality as fundamental pillars, providing added value to the destination". He also stressed that it is a model to imitate as it contributes to the industry’s sustainability and that the profits generated benefit the rest of society.

In this same sense, Alberto Bernabé stated that Bahia del Duque has been a visionary project that marked a before and after in the Canarian tourist industry. Jorge Marichal reminded everyone that a large percentage of the hotel staff is 100 percent Canarian and highlighted the importance of committing to excellence as a means to success in national and international markets.

Along these lines, Francisco Javier Zamorano expressed his satisfaction with the 25th anniversary celebration, framed within the hotel’s constant renovation to consistently offer competitive first-rate service and fulfil clients’ expectations. Lastly, Cristina de Juan indicated that the following objectives have been established within the hotel’s guidelines: quality, exquisite attention to detail and the creation of a welcoming, family-like environment for both visitors and their own employees.


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