Record Security advises not to share information about our holiday on social media sites, to avoid giving clues to possible thieves.

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Santa Cruz de Tenerife, July 2013. – Record Security, owned by CIO Group, has prepared a few basic and simple tips to try and minimize the risk of home invasions during the holiday period. In the words of Francisco Brito, director of Record Security, the unfortunate economic crises in which we are living has accentuated these risks, which forces us to be more careful with the information we give out concerning our plans. 

Therefore, the tips and advice prepared by Record Security are the following:


  • We should leave a key to the house with a close friend so they can access it in case of emergency (fire, floods, suspected thefts, etc.). Also ask them to check your mailbox and remove all mail so they do no accumulate and give others clues about your absence.
  • If our absence will be prolonged, we should avoid telling those who are not close friends or relatives. In these cases, the fewer people who know, the better. 
  • In order to prevent a fire or flood, it’s best to disconnect all electrical appliances and shut off the water and gas valves to avoid leaks.
  • We must try to ensure that our home does not have the feeling of being uninhabited. In order to achieve this, we can leave the blinds open half way and programme the TV or the music system to turn on occasionally.
  • Do not close the blinds completely.
  • Make sure that all doors and windows are properly closed and that there is no other possible entry.
  • Do not leave a spare key hidden under the doormat, in a flowerpot or in the doorframe, as these are the first places people look. 
  • Activate call forwarding so you can always answer calls when you’re away. This way, if someone tries to verify if you’re gone, they won’t be able to do it easily.
  • Thieves use coded signals to know which homes are uninhabited and how many people live in them. They will normally make a mark on the mailbox to identify in which houses they can go into. If you detect any suspicious mark, the best thing to do is to erase it as much as possible.
  • If you decide to install a security system, always verify that the company is compliant with all the legal requirements.

Following these simple steps will increase the security of our home during our holidays. And remember that even if we’re not leaving for a long period, its always best to take precautions.




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