Braulio Simancas pays tribute to our traditional fish in the special culinary workshops celebrated in the Tasca el Callejón

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Santa Cruz de Tenerife, July 2016.- The Tasca El Callejón (, establishment owned by Compañía de las Islas Occidentales (CIO) (, led by Canarian chef Braulio Simancas, presents a special culinary workshop with fish as the main concept, one of his trademark products.

The workshops, which will take place the 22nd and 23rd of July, will serve a selection of fish dishes in different preparations and will be offered as tapas or within a tasting menu offering a variety of different fish dishes, creating a tour of the most representative sea produce of the island. 

Following the personal style of the Chef, he will create simple preparations that strive to enhance the flavours of each ingredient to pay tribute to the seafaring tradition of the islands. The menu for this culinary workshop is:

  • Cherne (fish) carpaccio with citrus and sundried tomatoes.
  • Red Snapper Ceviche with spicy pepper
  • Escolar fillet (butterfish) with a mandarin and ginger reduction
  • Tuna tartar with avocado and coriander
  • Spicy Canarian fish and molluscs soup
  • Traditional fish casserole with pickled onion
  • False tagliatelle of squid with a cuttlefish broth
  • Roasted octopus  with a reduction of its broth
  • Fried cod with a squid ink creamy potato puree
  • Medregal fillet with a concentrate broth of shrimp & a moray eel

For further information or reservations: +34 922 244 976


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