Adtemexi Cruz, candidate for Fuentealta, name Carnival Queen 2015 Santa Cruz de Tenerife

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Santa Cruz de Tenerife, February 2015.- The entire Fuentealta family ( and the Grupo CIO (, owners of the brand of Agua de Vilaflor, would like to thank the people of Tenerife for all their support last night during the Carnival Queen Gala, for the hundreds of congratulatory messages on social media, to the jury for recognizing the great work behind the fantasy proposed, to all the other brands and candidates who were part of this show for their professionalism and enthusiasm, to the organization for the impeccable attention to detail, to the presenters Iván Bonales, Manuel Artiles and Anna Simón, and to the thousands of people who worked last night to make sure the Gala was perfect.

But we would especially like to thank and praise Adtemexi Cruz, Fuentealta’s candidate and the Carnival Queen 2015 of Santa Cruz, as well as Jorge González Santana, the costume designer, who with the fantasy “Aurea” called us to support him in this project which today has received the highest reward. We deeply congratulate both of them, for the hours of work, their constant professionalism and their impeccable delivery.

And we don’t forget, as stated by José María Cortés, Sales Director of Fuentealta, “the support of our clients and consumers, who day to day trust in our brand Fuentealta, and who have made possible that this dream come true; in a truly special year where we celebrate our 40th anniversary.




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