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In order to get to know CIO, which has steadily progressed through the 21st century, it is necessary to look at its history and observe the details of the reputed business career of the Zamorano Tais Family.

The Zamorano family comes from an important lineage of industrialists. They began their activity in 1902 in the tobacco sector, developing factories and warehouses in Santa Cruz of Tenerife.  Involved from the beginning in the social and economic development of The Canary Islands, its team of directors created ties with Europe and South America, importing new technology and participating in pioneering sectors. The testimony of this “industrial” curiosity has continued until today with the descendents of Mr. Luis Zamorano Tais, founder and first president of the Record factory – since 1949 Centro Industrial de Tabaqueros Asociados (CITA) – which popularized with great success some of the leading Spanish tobacco brands.

As well as CITA, Mr. Luis Zamorano also drove businesses in different fields, with companies such as 7 mares, Montesano, Frigoten (frozen products sector), Galeria Ganigo (art gallery) and the supermarket San Antonio, amongst others.

Additionally, the activity of Aguas de Vilaflor (AVISA) began in 1975 with a bottled water plant, producing a brand, which  later became the market leader in the Canary Islands, known today as Fuentalta.

In the early 90’s, the entrepreneurial character of the Zamorano Family is once again manifest when they take on the expansion of its activities and the diversification into new projects, this time within a new sector, the tourism sector. In 1993 the company inaugurates an unprecedented project: the Bahía del Duque Hotel, demonstrating once again its own personal touch with the perfect union between innovation and tradition. Continuing the development of this Hotel, in 2008 the company opened the Villas, which dispose of spaces and services of exclusive use for its clients. In 2009 the Bahía Wellness Retreat was added to the Hotel, the only thalassotherapy centre of its characteristics in The Canary Islands, due to its facilities and the quality of its rituals and treatments and which has won numerous national and international awards. The brand The Tais was born throughout this path and focuses on opening an international route with future tourism projects.

In 2005, the Zamorano family sold their participation in CITA to the multinational company Gallagher, and grouped the rest of the companies in CIO, Compañía de las Islas Occidentales, focusing its activities towards the following sectors; tourism, real estate, financial, services and industrial.

Today, CIO Group plans, creates and manages hotels and resorts, as well as general and safety services, business and industries, and they have spent over 40 years bottling and distributing mineral water for The Canary Islands. At the same time, they manage real estate assets in Tenerife, with the “Real Estate Group Islas Occidentales”, for industrial and residential sectors (buildings and industrial buildings in the metropolitan area, mainly).

As a company, we secure our corporate philosophy in our values, mission and vision because they describe our personality, our sensibilities and our concerns; in short, they guide us and are vitally important to understand who we are and how we work in CIO.


Label from cigar boxes used by Luis Zamorano Benitez’s tobacco factory in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Luis Zamorano Benitez, with his wife Imelda Tais Darias and their children Rosa, Carmen, Antonia and Luis. Luis Zamorano Tais would take over the family’s commercial activities.

Tobacconist’s located at 29 Alfonso XIII street, Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Bahía del Duque.

Room used by the factory of Luis Zamorano Benitez during the first decades of the 20th century. Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

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