Human team

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The human team of the Compañía de las Islas Occidentales is the main asset for attaining the goals of each of the companies of the Group, in which policies to reinforce their capacity to attract and retain the talent related to the following aspects have been established:

  • An attractive career

CIO is situated in a strategic position for Spanish economy with several commercial brands and a type of management and leadership which allows for its positive growth. On the grounds of its entrepreneurial strategy the company is committed to the creation of jobs and the comprehensive management of its human resources via a number of training and professional development plans.

  • A stable and satisfactory working environment

For CIO the human team, including the future professionals who will form part of the Group, are a very important asset for people and their abilities are crucial in obtaining a sustainable growth and important improvements of the Company results. Also, it is understood that the existence of a working relationship, based on dialogue and trust, is of the essence in developing a policy which fully complies with the proper legal provisions. In CIO we stimulate a respectful working environment, ensuring that work is done in safe conditions and thus satisfying the needs of our staff in a challenging atmosphere and seeking their development and in-house promotion. We can count on a team with a creative and innovative spirit which acts as a guideline towards further improvement.

  • A healthy and safe working environment

CIO carries out plans and programs for professional development to stimulate the staff’s awareness of matter related to safety, quality and risk prevention. Also, we aim our activity at rational ways of sustainable development and protection of the environment.


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