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Aguas de Vilaflor S.A. (AVISA) started trading in 1975 as a water bottling plant. Both its extraordinary location and the quality of the Fuentealta spring, which the main brand is named after, have established it as a leader in the water market of the Canary Islands.

The Plant covers an area of 5,000m2 with the capacity to bottle 100 million litres/year in formats of: 8 L, 5 L, 2 L,1.5 L,0.5 L and 0.33 L. , in PET (0.75 L) and in glass (0.5 L).

The location of the Plant in Vilaflor, the highest borough in Spain in the protected area of the forestry corona around Mt. Teide National Park, is one of its main assets, together with the water quality of its main spring.

Fuentealta is a drinking water with a low, balanced and varied mineral content which makes it an excellent choice for all the family.



General view of the Avisa plant in Vilaflor

Almacenes de Fuentealta en Polígono la Campana, Tenerife

Avisa stores and warehouses

Línea de envasado en la planta de Fuentealta.

Palletising module

Filling line at the plant of Fuentealta

PET blow moulding machines

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